Sherri Baker – Director of Music

The music ministry at First United Methodist of Oswego is one of our most important and beloved ministries. Methodists love to sing and praise God through music and this church is abundant in musical talent of all kinds. I am proud to have served as the Director of Music for the last twelve years and to have shared in some wonderful works of praise and worship.

The heart of the music program is the choir. They are a dedicated and passionate group of men and women who give it their all every Sunday. I have had choir members come and go over the years but I have never been short of talent and spirit. Their commitment to and love for their ministry is a testimony of service and witness to our congregation every week.

In 2005, the church purchased a new “hybrid” organ. It is a mix of digital sound and some original ranks of pipes from the previous organ. Set behind a beautiful façade of decorative pipes above the altar, the sound fills the vaulted-ceilinged sanctuary with a rich, harmonic resonance that inspires even the shyest singer to lift their voice in praise.

If the choir is the heart of the music program, our contemporary praise band is the soul. Leading our 9:00 am Sunday contemporary worship service, this band is sure to lift your spirits as well as your voice all the while clapping your hands and tapping your feet!  Their mission is to spread the word through their music, to praise God with songs that minister to those who enjoy a more contemporary style of music.

In addition to these programs, we also have some wonderful individual talent in the church that are always happy to lend their instruments to any of the groups performing or treat us with a solo performance. We have flutists, clarinetists, trumpeters, guitar players, drummers, saxophonists, violinists, and cellists. Even marimba, ukulele and auto harp players!

FUMC of Oswego is a veritable cornucopia of musical talent and I give thanks every week that I am a part of it!