Our Staff-Pastor Parish Relations Committee works closely with the pastor and staff concerning their relationship with the congregation and the entire work of the church. This committee is in essence the personnel committee of the pastoral charge. The committee is to be sensitive to the opinions and concerns of the congregation concerning the pastor and staff. It is to confer with the District Superintendent or the Bishop concerning the appointment of the pastor for the church. The committee recommends the salary for the pastor to the Charge Conference. It consists of from five to nine members of the pastoral charge.

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Church Council

The Church Council plans and implements the programs and ministry of the local church, as well as oversees the administration of the church. The church council is amenable to the charge conference.

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The Finance Council is the agency that administers the finances and serves as the central treasurer of the denomination. As such it receives and disburses all general funds. The general agencies are accountable to the Council of their fiscal administration. The Council reports to and receives direction from the General Conference.

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The Board of Trustees

The group charged with the responsibility for the supervision and care of all property and equipment owned by the local church. The Board is to plan and set policies for the maintenance and use of the property and equipment, and receives and administers all bequests to the local church. The Board of Trustees consists of three to nine persons and at its discretion may be incorporated.

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